If you try to return to the past, sometimes that destroys something about you in the present. And if you lose something, your way of living will adjust to that loss.
Home to the stray dogs...
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Doctor: We're going to take your temperature. Mihai-san, you were just here full of holes last month. And this time you were almost burnt to a crisp at the theatre.
Mihai: It's not like I'm getting hurt on purpose.
Nurse: I bought these for you, Badou-kun.
Badou: Thank you.
Doctor: Even candy like that isn't really allowed.
Mihai: What? That's chocolate? Does that stuff really work for you even as a substitute?
Badou: It's better than nothing. Next I'm gonna ask you to let me use the smoking room.

Badou: Hey old man. Do you remember when this town was still a part of a large neighboring city and was a large country?
Mihai: No. I wasn't even born way back then, and all the written records of the time before the dissolution were confiscated by the city.
Badou: I think that is what my brother was looking for. If you keep sticking your nose into things, you'll suffer the same fate.
Mihai: I also fought with him at that theatre, and almost was killed. I won't give up, or make any concessions.

"My older brother was investigating a military institution deep within the depths of the underground a long time ago. He never told me who asked him to look into it. I decided to follow him on time on a “purchase”. I finally convinced him to let me come, but that was when my brother died and I got this.
Badou Nails
Badou: Aah, my mouth's getting restless man.
Mihai: It's a hospital. Of course the place is non-smoking. We can't have you going crazy in here. Hey!
Badou: I know you idiot! How many times have we had the conversation already. And just whose fault is all this anyway? Just let me get back out in town and leave me the hell alone!!