If you try to return to the past, sometimes that destroys something about you in the present. And if you lose something, your way of living will adjust to that loss.
Home to the stray dogs...
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Heine: You're saying this whole commotion was just a bluff?
Giovanni: Close, but no cigar. With all this chaos, nobody will be able to interfere now. And we'll drag 'him" out onto this stage.

Giovanni: First up is the opening act.
Heine: What'd you do to these guys? What are you up to this time... Giovanni?
Giovanni: Oh, nothing much. There's really nothing to gain for mother and us from obliterating a city like this. Every play needs performers and an audience. I'm just going to remind the citizens of that. These guys are setting up everything. Once they're positioned themselves accordingly, we'll be able to accomplish what we really came here for.